Concrete Etching

Preparing Your Concrete 

If your concrete is new or doesn’t have heavy oil contamination, it will need to be etched. When applying epoxy coatings, the thing to remember is “the rougher the better.” This is because etching opens up the pores of the concrete and allows for a more even, better application of the coating. Opening the pores of the concrete gives the epoxy something to sink into.

Our team has experience with concrete etching, and we’ve handled all types of floors. From residential to commercial concrete etching projects, we can do it all. Let us acid etch your garage floor or concrete safely before we apply an epoxy coating. Muriatic acid, or hydrochloric acid, is the typical acid of choice when etching concrete.

Let Us Help

If you’re considering tackling this type of work on your own and making it a DIY project, beware! This is not a job that should be left to a DIYer. It is dangerous to handle chemicals without experience and the proper protective gear. 

Please call our team today for help.
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