Enhance Your Flooring with Professionally Stained Concrete!

Concrete staining has become the go-to method for enhancing commercial and residential concrete floors. Whether you are looking for a subtle or dramatic change, concrete staining can help you achieve your desired look. Stained concrete is not only great looking but it’s highly resistant to damage and heavy foot traffic. Call us today!

Concrete Dyes -  Concrete can be colored using various acetone and water-based dyes. The colored particles penetrate the concrete, filling its pores with color. It allows very detailed decorative patterns.
Acid Staining - These stains can give your floor a rustic look. Applied by brush or spray, this stain immediately starts a chemical reaction with the concrete. This reaction is what produces colors and results in a permanent coloring that will resist chipping and fading from direct sunlight.
Wide Variety of options!
Concrete Staining is widely popular because of its high end look. Stains and Dyes can be applied to any cement surface. They will blend with the cement to create a customized surface made to look like a natural stone. Another reason Stained Concrete is popular?
- It looks elegant 
- The ranges of color
- It is inexpensive
- Low Maintenance
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