Epoxy Flooring And Polyurethanes

Trust Modern Day Concrete when you want to protect your floors! We offer epoxy and polyurethane flooring systems to help protect your surface for years to come. Your concrete will have an impeccable shine, and it is scratch resistant.  

In fact, we can install our epoxy flooring in  areas like Schools, Hospitals, Clinics, Restaurants, Car Dealerships, Warehouses, Stadiums, Garages and homes! 

Protect Your Concrete With Epoxy Flooring

  • Decorative Epoxy Flake

  • Metallic Epoxy 

  • Stained Concrete with Epoxy

  • Epoxy Quartz

  1. Durability: Concrete floors coated in epoxy last longer and resist considerable wear, thus saving you money and allowing you to manage other business concerns.

  2. Strength: Once the epoxy has been converted to a solid polymer, it becomes incredibly strong and prevents chemical breakdown.

  3. Saves time: Epoxy flooring is usually quickly and easily installed, which means less time shutting down production for installation.

  4. Low maintenance cleaning: Once concrete has the epoxy coating, it is no longer porous since sealed and is therefore easier to clean.

  5. Aesthetic: Coatings are usually available in an array of colors and patterns to fit your specific style.

  6. Chemically resistant: Epoxy coatings can survive continued exposure to potent chemicals, which is perfect for warehouses or plants that may be exposed to such materials.

  7. Safety: These coatings are also resistant to slippage, temperature, extreme impact and even fire, maintaining both the safety of your employees and your building.

  8. Brightness: Typically, a high gloss option for coatings can be provided, which improves lighting in your facility to a significant degree due to reflection.

  9. Lowers vehicle maintenance: Choosing an epoxy coating can also reduce wear on vehicles in your facility because it is more forgiving on machinery.

  10. Helps the environment: Lastly, epoxy coatings are a green option for your business because of the reduction in material usage. It is a great alternative to adding on a completely new floor or replacing vehicles due to damage.

Offering Professional Polyurethane Flooring System

Polyurethane - resin flooring provides excellent resistance to impact, abrasion and most chemicals. However, the main advantage of PU resin flooring is its resistance to high temperature and direct heat. For Modern Day Concrete we use PU Resin as a topcoat that adds protection to the body coat. It is UV Stable and can be offered for functional and decretive flooring systems.