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Terrazzo Flooring Using Epoxy

Terrazzo flooring is an ancient art. It is connected to the mosaics of ancient Egypt but it's more closely associated with the 18th century flooring used in Venice, Italy.

Beautiful colored marble was set in cement and after it was ground down to a smooth finish a gorgeous floor glistening with bright colored marble made the flooring so unique and attractive. There are still artisans who create Terrazzo flooring in the same way.

A new alternative is now available and is actually harder than cement. Epoxy terrazzo flooring is a new rage. It is quicker to install. The choice of beautiful colored stones comes in a large color palette.

Modern Day Concrete has become expert in this flooring. It has done a number of breathtaking jobs that have amazed the owners and general contractors who hired them to do the work.

Anyone in San Antonio, Austin or anywhere in Central Texas looking for a stunning floor for their home or business should consider Epoxy Terrazzo flooring.







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